TRYGG THE DINOSAUR is a fiction novel for 8 – 12 year-olds who love a good adventure. Two young dinosaurs from opposite sides of the floodplain bump into each other by chance. Trygg is a small meat-eater, and Alta is a big plant-eater. They’ve got no parents, no food, no friends. They’re supposed to be enemies, but they decide to stick together instead. It’s not easy. When she gets caught with him, she ends up banished from her herd. He faces a huge rival who could stomp him out with one foot. They have to outsmart a gang of bullies with sharp teeth and long, curved claws. And they struggle to survive the natural disasters of drought, mudslides and a bubbling tar pit. Worst of all, when they lose contact with each other, they fear betrayal. What if their friendship has been broken?


©John Bindon 2019

“What if we wanted to be friends, the two of us? That’d mean somethin’, right?”