“I’m Oliver and I LOVE THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Oliver, Age 11

“Wonderful Read! Such a cute, informative, well written book! My daughter and I just LOVE it!” Sean H., 5 Stars on Amazon.

“This is an amazing book! I’m 11 years old, and this book has taught me so much about dinosaur lifestyles and what they eat. The beautiful pictures describe the prehistoric days perfectly. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who craves a informative, yet fun read. Five stars!!” Portia, Age 11

WINNER, BRONZE IPPY AWARD, Juvenile Fiction, 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards


–– “With the lovability of The Land Before Time and the accuracy of an encyclopedia, Trygg the Dinosaur is an immersive tale set in the Western Canada region over 76 million years ago. The early chapter book follows the adventurous pursuits of two young dinosaurs who – despite the fact that they’re from rival species – form an unlikely friendship. 

–– Trygg, a member of the predatory Troödons, may be smaller than his peers and have no family, but he’s tenacious and has thrived. One day he encounters Alta, a gentle, plant-eating hypacrosaurus, at the lakeshore. Alta is not only small, her injured leg and parentless state have left her an outcast among her tribe.

–– Faced with an unforgiving landscape, hunger, and banishment, Trygg and Alta struggle to survive. As alliances and outside pressures threaten to tear the two apart, the friends’ bond and ability to work together end up saving their respective herds in the face of impending drought.

–– Author Paula Louise Salvador, a science documentary filmmaker, consulted with many experts to paint an accurate picture of these long-ago dwellers and the harsh landscape upon which every action counted toward life or death. 

–– Vividly rendered, the full-page pencil sketches by illustrator John Bindon allow readers to visualize how these dinosaurs actually looked. 

–– The chapters are short and compact, putting young readers at ease with an non-intimidating format. Trygg is an immediately lovable underdog and his companion Alta is a loyal friend who risks being punished as a traitor while trying to help others. Even in a world so far removed from our own, we can see ourselves in the friendship, and the need to belong.” Reviewer: Nicole Abi-Najem, 2019


A delightful story about the strength of friendship between two dinosaurs. Trygg is newly hatched… As he ventures out on his own, he faces bullies and struggles to teach himself how to hunt. Then he meets Alta who, like him, is a misfit. Alta is the outsider of her herd, without any parents and hampered by a foot injury.… The two form an unlikely friendship (…) and struggle to survive in a harsh environment. 
A sweet read for children of all ages…. Great characters (…) overcome their fears and discover bravery they didn’t know they were capable of. 

Salvador breathes such life into this world (…) by making Alta and Trygg (…) characters children will love…. Stunning illustrations…. Salvador’s tale of friendship is a true testimony to standing up for others and finding your own bravery…. A story full of heart, with an inside look at the dangerous world of dinosaurs.” Reviewed By Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite, 2019    


“Author Paula Louise Salvador and illustrator John Bindon earn top marks for creating an imaginative dinosaur story that will tug the hearts ofchildren, parents, and teachers … Together, they’ve created a lovable storyOpposites attract in a bittersweet middle grades novel about orphaned dinosaurs — one a tiny carnivore, the other a huge herbivore. Salvador deftly alternates Trygg’s and Alta’s early childhood tales of loss. This rhythm changes and the heavy emotions lighten when the two meet and become loyal, got-your-back swamp playmates. Salvador gives her characters human conversation, emotions, and personalities. Bindon’sblack-and-white illustrations capture these personality traits as well as realistic dinosaur anatomy.” Alicia Rudnecki for IndieReader, 2019

“In ‘Trygg the Dinosaur’, the Cretaceous of North America is brought to life in a dramatic way that is nevertheless based on the astounding results of scientific research.” Dr. Philip J. Currie, Canada Research Chair, Dinosaur Palaeobiology, University of Alberta, Canada

“A story with a dramatic finish. A friendly Mesozoic Romeo and Juliet, but with a happy ending. Great illustrations.” Dr. David J. Varricchio, Professor of Paleontology Montana State University, U.S.A.

“Keep your kids on the edge of their seat. With illustrations that stimulate the imagination and characters that they’ll fall in love with. An emotionally engaging, enthralling and exciting story with a climax that will knock your socks off!” Michel on Amazon

“Cool Book! A lot of fun … character driven, fast paced, and action packed, told in a way that kids will relate to.” Ted Staunton, award-winning author of over forty children’s books.
“A delightful read-aloud for my children (ages 5 and 6). From the very first chapter, they were hooked! Not only is it a fast-paced, suspenseful adventure that transports us back to the Age of the Dinosaurs, it is a lovely story about friendship, with an interesting cast of characters. The illustrations are appealing and add to the intrigue. This is a wonderful chapter book that would be a great addition to any library.” Jessica Nordahl, Teacher/Librarian (grades 2 to 5) Toronto
“It was a fantastic read, and I enjoyed it immensely. The situations faced by Trygg and Alta often parallel real-life situations faced by children around the world. The illustrations are beautiful and help to bring the characters to life. Furthermore, it deals with bullying, the big topic today in schools, in society, and on the Internet.” Sandy, retired educator
“Exciting Tale of Friendship. I bought “Trygg” for an eight-year-old friend who absolutely loved it! Tons of action surrounds the story of two dinosaur buddies with a surprising, unbreakable bond of friendship. The characters are brought to life by the artists’ detailed illustrations. An excellent kids’ book.” Randy G.

Plot: A sweet story of unexpected friendship, peppered with facts about the dinosaur age.

Prose/Style: The author’s prose is fairly simplistic, which is great for the age group the author’s book targets.

Originality: Salvador’s book is very unique and it’s perfect for readers on the cusp of adolescence who are still interested in dinosaurs, or who might be experiencing their first challenges in friendships.

Character Development: The characters in Salvador’s middle grade novel are unique, since they are anthropomorphic dinosaurs who defy human societal expectations. BookLife Prize – 2019

The Power of Friendship:
“Trygg” turned out to be a wonderful gift for my young grandchildren. They love this book! Tons of action surrounds the story of two dinosaur buddies with a surprising, unbreakable bond of friendship. The characters are brought to life by the artists’ detailed illustrations. An excellent kids’ book! R.G.
“Cute book. Easy reading. My child is 10 and he liked it. I think it will be a great book for your library.” Brandy on Goodreads 

“Two unlikely friends from competing dinosaur herds display loyalty in this prehistoric tale. The detailed illustrations are absolutely stunning. Younger elementary students will learn about the lifestyle habits of several dinosaur species as the creatures encounter mud slides, tar pits, and drought. Very informative, but lessons in friendship here as well.” Jennifer on Goodreads